Frank's gorgeous family!
Frank's wife, Erika,
with Diana and Morgan - a day in NYC!
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                                                                                        Diana & Morgan
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       Audrey, Walter, Tanny, Frank, Henry, Leo, Rienk
Photo Gallery
The Muller Family
March, 1964
Frank & Erika with Baby Diana
Frank & Erika with Baby Morgan
Family Rest Time                                                                 The Easy Chair                                                        Snuggling Again!
Diana showing Daddy the Ropes
Diana's First Christmas
Diana's Second Christmas
Listen to Me!
On the Open Sea...
Out for a stroll.
                       Tanny, Frank, Henry, Walter, Leo
The Muller Kids
March, 1972
         Bathing for an Audition                                                   Calling his Agent                                               Resting between takes
                                                                          Frank & Erika with Diana & the Pups
   Haley, Diana, & Ashley                                                                                                                                                                                           Morgan having a static day!  
Frank & C.W.
(C. Worthington Dogbone)
Dramatic in the 70's
Career Photo in the 80's
Driving a London Cab 1981
Diana and Morgan - a California Day!
Daddy's Little Boy
    Last Day of School - 2006
erika muller
age 8
morgan muller - age 5
Photos above by
Bruce Kushnick
NY Digital Events